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The Gwinnett Children’s Shelter
P.O. Box 527  Buford, GA  30515-0527
Phone: 678-546-8770
Fax:  678-546-8775

As it is our goal to provide a safe, secure environment for our youth, our physical location is not published to the general public.  If you need to visit our campus in person, call us for directions.

If have questions or want to learn more, send us a note and we’ll be in touch…

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Staff contact list:  (all use main number 678-546-8770 + ext)

Mary Mazarky – Executive Director (Interim)
Ext 223

Renita Pollard – Residential Services Director
Ext 242

Letrice Miller – Residential Program Manager
Ext 246

Kelly Anderson – Financial Manager
Ext 228

Tanesha Graham – Human Resource Manager
Ext 251

Kristy Ajax – Outreach Coordinator
Ext 250

Bridgette Frederick – Food Service Manager
Ext 235

Alexandra Waters- Medical Services Manager
Ext 253

Richard Funkhouser – Facilities Manager
Ext 268