See Our Campus

The main building houses our administrative offices, a boys and girls wing, our dining facility, educational and counseling services, recreation rooms, and much more.

Our Administrative Wing makes staff easily accessible to everyone.

A typical GCS bedroom offers a suite for two with twin beds, desks, dresser drawers, a bathroom & more.

Our on-site classroom helps keeps GCS residents on-track academically.

Our computer lab allows GCS kids to access academic and research resources online.

GCS offers a full-service kitchen and cafeteria to ensure our kids get healthy, well-balanced meals.

We even offer the opportunity to have cook-outs when weather permits.

There's lots of great recreational space for the kids to enjoy time together.

The teen lounge allows for supervised tv and video game time too.

The Jean Kirby Bowen Home offers additional residential and program facilities.

The Boys Home offers long-term, independent living.

Our beautiful 40-acre campus offers many recreational activities for GCS residents.

Shooting hoops is a favorite past-time on the GCS campus.

Wildlife abounds on the GCS campus.

Residents enjoy our nature trails that offer benches along beautiful winding paths.

GCS kids enjoy riding bikes together.

Multiple playgrounds, swing sets, and ball fields make sure GCS kids have plenty of opportunity to play and enjoy being kids.

Our front and back porches allow for great reflection and sharing time.

Our beautiful wooded overlook allows teens to sit and enjoy the sounds of a trickling stream.

The Gwinnett Children’s Shelter offers a safe, secure environment that allows our youth to relax and take time to cope with their circumstances and enjoy just being kids. Our modern, well-appointed facilities are far from most people’s perception of a “shelter.”  We have more than 35,000 sq. ft. of facility space that offers amenities such as:

  • Furnished Bedrooms with Bathrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Recreation Rooms
  • Visiting & Conference Rooms
  • Full-Service Kitchen & Dining Room
  • On-Site Classroom
  • Screened Porches

Our residents also enjoy beautifully wooded acreage that offers nature trails, creeks, playgrounds, sports fields (baseball, soccer, football), picnic areas, a basketball court and lots of benches that allow for great talks with friends or quiet reflection time.